My name is Adrian Juniku

Keeping your instrument in top shape requires the skill of a professional piano technician!

If you live in Budapest area in Hungary, please call:

003670 2117978, or send an email

I can speak: magyar, shqip, english, deutsch, srpskohrvatski, parlo un po' di italiano

Also offering pianos for sale and for rent!


As a conscientious piano owner, you should have your piano tuned regularly by a proffessional piano tuner. It's important to note that tuning is only the adjustment of the pitch of each string. Your piano also needs a periodic servicing called regulation, which attends to the mechanical parts. If the piano has badly worn parts or if there has been corrosion or moth damage,the regulation is not enough.Your piano will need reconditionig. Reconditioning is the process of putting your piano back in its original condition by repairing and replacing some parts if indicated.
During the piano tuning I usually advice my customers about the next steps needed to keep the top condition of the piano.

Please call 0036 70 2117978
Adrian Juniku
Budapest area, Hungary